What Are Industrial Vibrators Used For?


A vibrator is a machine that forces either back-and-forth or rotary motion into a system for a variety of purposes. Vibrators may be hand-held or mounted devices. A vibrating table is a flat surface to which an object is fixed. There are many applications of industrial vibrators in a variety of industries.

Vibrating tables are used to test machines or machine components, usually to determine the level of vibration at which they fatigue or fail. This can reveal weaknesses in an object that needs to withstand a great deal of motion, like a car component or or airplane wing. Vibration tables are also used for testing machinery that has to meet certain industry or military standards.

In the food production, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, vibrators are used to promote the flow of bulk materials through a processing system. A granulated substance may clump together in a bin or a hopper, creating a rathole or other caked structure that impedes the flow of the material. Rotary vibrators are the best tool for breaking down the internal cohesion of a dry substance. Linear vibrators, on the other hand, are better for dealing with wet materials that cling to the walls of a bin.

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A vibrating screen can be used to separate particles of different sizes. These are often used in mineral processing, separating out different grades of a granulated ore. A vibrating screen can be used with dry or wet materials.

Vibrators are used in the production of concrete. When concrete has been freshly poured, the vibrator is introduced below the surface of the wet concrete. The vibrating motion releases trapped air pockets, allowing the concrete to consolidate. Vibration improves the strength and appearance of the concrete.

The type and size of vibrator you choose will depend on your needs. Electric vibrators are powerful and energy efficient, and they can be cost-efficient in the long term. Pneumatic vibrators are a low-cost option in wet or hazardous conditions where an electric motor could be dangerous. Hydraulic vibrators deliver the most force for their size. Learn more about the best industrial vibrators for your needs by clicking here.